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and then it all came to an end.
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 24th Sep 2012 06:47
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  1. i'm sorry knoeki, its a sad thing we cant all share the confimity of your poor worldview,
  2. a world where people hooked on morphine can fuck all they want in a hospital
  3. a world where even your former friends are following you
  4. a world where even the nastiest of girlfriends suddenly and magically show interest in your fetishes
  5. a world in which "i am the walrus" from the beatles, was made somewhere after TRSi was formed, and not in the 60's
  6. a world where you are being watched by the orderlies in the looney bin, and where when the orderlies will always inquire whats in the box
  7. a world where you always know more about every single thing, and when other people just know it, you always know it better to the best
  8. a world in which a british boy, suddenly and randomly becomes a genetic relative, and noone but you knows it
  10. a world, which only manifests itself in the head of the person who made it real
  12. but remember.... friendship is magic....
  14. if it wasnt for the fakt that Magic, is a trading card game.
  16. but yes, we'll have fun in our li'l "super secret SSL channel with our delusional worldviews."
  18. now you go have fun having "sex" and experiencing "love" and be sure to make her "moan"
  21. Kind Regards and all the best,
  23. Claudandus "Claudy" C. PaddidLion, and the "delusional" "paranoid" inhabitants of #fluffyden.
  27. ======================================================================================================
  28. and now, stay tuned for the infamous logtime!
  29. ======================================================================================================
  31. also; eat a bag of dicks, or so, whatever gay people eat instead.
  33. ======================================================================================================
  35. ======================================================================================================
  37. [06:12:49] <travalla> ok smoke time brb
  38. [06:12:53] Knoeki hugs uta <3
  39. [06:12:55] <Yoyoto> What's your youtube name?
  40. [06:12:58] <~Knoeki> I'm going to bed.
  41. [06:12:59] <chachin> smoking is bad
  42. [06:13:01] <+Claudandus> claudadnus
  43. [06:13:03] <+Claudandus> erf
  44. [06:13:06] <+Claudandus> Claudandus
  45. [06:13:08] <+Claudandus> *
  46. [06:13:08] <uta> Wha
  47. [06:13:10] <+Claudandus> that one
  48. [06:13:15] <uta> Knoeki hugged me
  49. [06:13:18] <uta> o.o
  50. [06:13:18] <+Claudandus> smoking is awesome chachin
  51. [06:13:27] <+Claudandus> it makes you look manly
  52. [06:13:29] uta hugs back~
  53. [06:13:51] <+Claudandus> espeically thick cigars
  54. [06:13:52] <~Knoeki> If you need smoking to look manly, you're doing it wrong.
  55. [06:13:55] <Yoyoto> I wish I could order some sour patched kids and a monster to my house
  56. [06:14:10] <+Claudandus> i dont need cigs to look manly Knoeki
  57. [06:14:11] <uta> smoking gross
  58. [06:14:13] <Yoyoto> OH MAN I've been thinking fuck these headphones are short... I just remembered I have an extra aux cable somewhere
  59. [06:14:27] <+Claudandus> i need nicotine because i got an addictive personality
  60. [06:14:28] <~Knoeki> Claudandus: then why bring it up? (:
  61. [06:14:34] <~Knoeki> hahaha
  62. [06:14:37] <Yoyoto> There's like 5 condom boxes mixed in with my AV stuff
  63. [06:14:40] <~Knoeki> that's a pathetic excuse for smoking
  64. [06:14:45] <+Claudandus> no
  65. [06:14:46] <~Knoeki> but enjoy anyway
  66. [06:14:48] <~Knoeki> I'm gonna crash.
  67. [06:14:51] <+Claudandus> kbai
  68. [06:14:54] uta snuggles up to JoeHazzers
  69. [06:15:00] <+Claudandus> i smoke because i'm bored, mostly
  70. [06:15:02] <uta> :V
  71. [06:15:03] <+JoeHazzers> i hope you're not cold
  72. [06:15:16] <uta> I hope i'm not cold too
  73. [06:15:22] <+Claudandus> though, you disqualified yourself from smoking, sadly
  74. [06:15:26] <+JoeHazzers> :D
  75. [06:15:50] <~Knoeki> Claudandus: yeah, fuck you too
  76. [06:16:01] <~Knoeki> I hope your lungs fuck up as well, you fucktard.
  77. [06:16:08] <+Claudandus> otherwise you prolly could enjoy some smokers jokes
  78. [06:16:10] seanhive [] has joined #zomgwtfbbq
  79. [06:16:22] <+Claudandus> have fun being butthurt bro
  80. [06:16:46] <+Claudandus> maybe you should go look for some better friends, instead of lashing out on me
  81. [06:16:51] JoeHazzers glues uta's connection to the wall
  82. [06:17:03] <+JoeHazzers> hey
  83. [06:17:08] <+JoeHazzers> Claudandus: GET THIS
  84. [06:17:18] <+JoeHazzers> maybe you shouldn't take the piss out of someone who had a serious medical issue
  85. [06:17:25] <~Knoeki> thank you.
  86. [06:17:27] <~Knoeki> and now.
  87. [06:17:27] RainbowDash [] has set mode +b *!Claudybuns@The-Feline.Pride
  88. [06:17:28] You have been kicked from #zomgwtfbbq by RainbowDash []: Go have fun in your super secret SSL channel with your delusional worldviews.
  89. [06:18:42] [NOTICE >>> knoeki]: veel plezier jonge, leuk je gekend te hebben
  90. [06:20:55] [NOTICE >>> knoeki]: en ja, ik zal veel plezier hebben, jij ook
  92. ========================================================================================================================
  93. END OF LOG
  94. ========================================================================================================================
  96. please stay tuned for next show called "help, my boyfriend likes to wear diapers"
  98. airing right, after these commercials!

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